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Coyote hunting is generally fast-paced with lots of action throughout the cold winter months of December through March. Our coyote hunts take place in various WMU's throughout the parkland and prairie regions.

In Alberta's agricultural lands, there is an extremely high population of coyotes with no limits on the number of coyotes you can harvest. This is a proactive coyote hunt with plenty of calling and lots of coyote activity. Coyote hunting typically produces 100% opportunity with variable shot opportunities daily. While bow hunters looking for a challenge are welcome, rifle and muzzleloader hunters generally enjoy superior success. Most days involve driving to properties known to hold family groups then setting up and calling the coyotes, ambushing them as they come into the call.

For coyote hunting at its finest, join us for a 3 or 6 day coyote hunting adventure. Your comfort and success are our top priority. With excellent accommodations, outstanding meals, state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable/professional guides, we pride ourselves in producing nearly 100% opportunity each day.

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