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Located in the heart of western Canada's central flyway, VNO offers 3 day duck hunts and goose hunts for a range of local and migrating waterfowl. During your waterfowl hunt, you will experience a variety of field or water shoots.

In the early season, attention is focused on the high density of resident birds. As the migration commences new ducks & geese are constantly moving in. Although giant Canada geese and Mallard ducks are a mainstay, on any given day you may have the opportunity to take liberal limits of Lesser Canada's, White-fronted Geese, Snow, Ross' or Blue Geese and, on occasion even a wide range of diver ducks.

Using state-of-the-art portable equipment, we put our waterfowl hunters in the heart of the action among our lifelike spread of decoys. Typical shoots occur in pea or barley fields and/or potholes. Goose hunting and duck hunting Alberta's famous agricultural belt, we consistently put you into fast-paced action for some of the finest waterfowling in the world!

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