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Venture South Outfitting is your premier destination should you be looking for top class hunting over extremely well trained, well disciplined and well cared for hound packs.

Both of the packs (Bushpig pack and Cat pack) belonging to Venture South Outfitting are registered with the relevant Nature Conservation bodies.

Bushpig Hunting

Venture South Outfitting conducts Bushpig hunts in Kwa Zulu Natal, the Eastern Cape as well as in Mpumalanga province. You will hunt over a pack of 10 to 12 hard working highly experienced hounds. These hounds trail to find and chase to bay.

This is very very exciting hunting with close up encounters. Some say that this is as exciting as Buffalo hunting! This is not a hunt that will physically ruin a client. The PHs at Venture South Outfitting are pros at getting you in a shooting position with out you being exhausted.

Cat Hunting

Venture South Outfitting conducts hunts in Kwa Zulu Natal; Eastern Cape; Northern Cape; Free State and Mpumalanga for African Wild Cat, Caracal, Serval as well as both the Small Spotted Genet and the Large Spotted Genet.

These hunts are conducted over a pack of 6 to 10 hounds. You the client will be guided into the treed cat to make a clean kill. The hounds are not allowed to tear the quarry to pieces!

Since the closure of hunting of Leopards over hounds in Namibia, Venture South Outfitting now offers the service of recovering leopards wounded over baits with their well trained and experienced hound pack. We also undertake the target specific hunting of damage causing Leopards with the cat pack.

The Greatest Hunt I Have Had In Ten Years Of Regular Hunting. The Hounds, The Service And Professionalism Was Outstanding!
- Mr.Mick Castellan (Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa).

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