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Venture South Outfitting is known for its high success rate on members of the Mini 10 antelope species.

They consistently produces top quality specimens of the following species:

  • Blue, Red and Grey Duiker;
  • Steenbuck;
  • Klipspringer;
  • Suni;
  • Oribi, Cape Grysbuck, Vaal Rhebuck and Damara Dik Dik.

These hunts are conducted in areas as far apart as the dry semi deserts of Namibia in the West to the lush Coastal Forests of Kwa Zulu Natal in the East of our magnificent sub-continent.

Experience the trill of calling them in. Wait and watch “Shadows” appear out of know where. Sit and glass a hillside to look for the rare Oribi! Hunting the mini 10 is as challenging if not more so than hunting the Big Five.

Many hard hours of ultra quiet stalking and walking paid off. VERY HAPPY.
- Mr. Jack Kock (Durban, KZN, South Africa)

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